Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process by which legal disputes between two or more parties are resolved.  Through civil litigation, parties seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. A lawyer who specializes in civil litigation is known as a “litigator” or “trial lawyer.” Lawyers who practice civil litigation represent parties in trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations before administrative agencies, and federal, state and local courts.

An Experienced Litigator on Your Side

For over 25 years, Eduardo A. Brito has successfully represented individual and business clients in civil litigation matters in various state and federal courts located thoughout California.  As an experienced civil litigator, Mr. Brito knows how important it is for a client to hire an attorney with experience in the particular area of law which covers the client's legal dispute.  It is much too risky for clients to have their attorney "learn on the job." For that reason, the Law Office of Eduardo A. Brito will only accept litigation matters which fall within the practice areas for which Mr. Brito has training and experience gained over his 25-plus years as a civil litigator. 

The types of civil litigation matters which Mr. Brito has personally handled (and will handle for you) are described in the Practice Areas listed below and in more detail in the following pages:

We Will Fight to Protect Your Rights and Obtain Results That Are In Your Best Interests

Legal disputes can sometimes be settled to your advantage before the matter goes to trial or even before a lawsuit is filed.  When that is possible and in your best interests, you are spared the expense of litigation and the related stress.  However, when a fair settlement cannot be reached at the pre-litigation stage, the Law Office of Eduardo A. Brito will not hesitate to seek fair compensation for you by filing a claim or lawsuit on your behalf and we will continue to aggressively protect your interests through trial.

Given his 25-plus years of experience representing clients before state and federal judges, arbitrators and mediators, litigation attorney Eduardo A. Brito can and will handle your case with discretion, diligence and determination.

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