Insurance Disputes

There is no other area of law which intimidates consumers more than insurance law and, in particular, disputes with insurance companies.  Insurance companies sometimes appear to have every advantage when it comes to legal disputes against their policyholders:

  • Seemingly unlimited resources
  • Underwriting Departments
  • Claims Departments
  • Investigators
  • In-house medical advisors
  • In-house legal advisors
  • Big law firms to fight their battles

In the face of this virtual army of insurance forces lined-up against them, most consumers can feel overwhelmed and hopeless. This is where an experienced insurance attorney, such as Pasadena insurance lawyer, Eduardo A. Brito, can help.  

The Law Office of Eduardo A. Brito can assist you with disputes regarding various types of insurance policies, including the following:

Having spent more than 25 years handling insurance disputes (many of those years as an insurance defense attorney), Mr. Brito knows the insurance claims process and the roadblocks which insurance companies can sometimes create to delay and/or avoid paying valid claims.  Some of those roadblocks are still used by insurance companies even though they are specifically prohibited by California law, including Section 790.03 of the California Insurance Code. In addition, Pasadena insurance lawyer, Eduardo A. Brito, knows the legal tactics which insurance companies will sometimes use to make litigation difficult for policyholders.  Mr. Brito will ensure that you are not harassed or treated unfairly by your insurance company at any stage of the claim or litigation process.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies will withhold payment of valid claims unless forced to make payment only after: the involvement of a policyholder's agressive attorney, the filing of a lawsuit, or the announcement of a jury's verdict.  Pasadena insurance lawyer, Eduardo A. Brito, will help you during the claims process to get you the insurance benefits you are entitled to and, when necessary, the Law Office of Eduardo A. Brito will file a lawsuit on your behalf to force the insurance company to pay your benefits, your attorney's fees and all other damages which you may be entitled to recover. In certain cases, where the insurance company is found to have acted in bad faith, you may even be entitled to the recovery of punitive damages against your insurance company.

Do not be intimidated by your insurance company. Do not fall for the idea that, because it is an insurance company, it "must" be right when it decides to deny or unfairly limit your claim. Do not think that you are in this fight alone.  Contact the Law Office of Eduardo A. Brito today for a free initial consultation.  The sooner you discuss your insurance situation with Los Angeles insurance attorney Eduardo A. Brito, the sooner you be on the road to recovering your insurance benefits and your peace of mind.